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Attorney Services of Texas
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Service of Process

We will handle all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. We have over 35 years of experience in accounting for professionals (Attorneys, legislators, CPA's and petroleum consultants). Attorney Services of Texas provides all services necessary to keep your records worry free, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and payroll quarterly reporting. We will set up your LLC, PC or corporation; and handle all of the necessary start up tasks to ensure that you comply with all state and federal regulations.  

We have an enrolled agent that will do your income taxes for you. However, if you have your own CPA or enrolled agent we will prepare all documents and present them to your preferred professional tax preparer in a manner that will bring their billable time down to a minimum. 

Our commitment to integrity and meticulous attention to detail is our working model for service of process and all our legal support products. 

Our commitment to you is that we will do whatever it takes to get your documents served in a timely manner. Our staff of professionals are aggressive and are always willing to do what is necessary to get the assignment completed in a prompt, efficient, professional manner. 

​We offer a comprehensive array of products and services. We offer contract pricing for volume clients. Please call our office for a quote. We make available skip trace services to locate those hard to find defendants and witnesses. We offer access to restricted database sources. Asset searches are available to collect on those outstanding judgments against defendant debtors. We are glad to accommodate any request.

 Account posting / verification of deductibles

 Filing of quarterly payroll reports
 $50.00 / report

 Balancing bank statements

 Payment of payroll taxes online
 35.00 / per government entity

​ Account receivable billing

 Account set up

 Income tax preparation
 Call for quote

 Filings with Secretary of State / Document preparation  for corporation, LLC or PC set up - 
 Call for quote 

​ Minimum charge $35.00

  Citation or Subpoena in Travis County, Texas 
  $75.00 (per defendant)

  Writs / TRO / Show Cause Orders/ Protective Orders

  Rush Fee in Travis County, Texas 

  Out of County Fee (Adjoining Travis County)

  Priorty Rush (within 4 hours)
  $40.00 (In addtion to regular service fee)

  Extended area
  $30.00 (plus $0.60/mile)

  Secretary of State and CSC Services 
  $55.00 (plus $55.00 filing fee )

  Civil standby billed by the hour 
  $65.00 per hour

Attorney Services of Texas
P.O. Box 202672
Austin, TX 78720
512-472-9989 - office 
512-289-1422 - Cell
Depositions by Writen Questions 
$90.00 per hour

Court appearance / uncontested docket 
$90.00 per hour

Issuance of Subpoena 

Records Research (State or Federal agencies)
Billed Hourly

Quote for volume service accounts and special matters, please call us for a quote.

(All witness fees and state service fees incurred are passed on to client at cost)

(All copy fees for Records or other cost incurred are passed on to client at cost)

All fees billed by the hour are billed at minimum increments of 0.25 hours per item billed .
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Accounting for Attorneys
 Price List
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