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We have  the most experienced computer forensic experts anywhere with military intelligence experience and training and who are licensed investigators.  We have on staff a data intrusion, anti-hacking expert consultant, who has spent over 15 years in the United States Air force in the field of intelligence and analysis with an emphasis on Cyber-security and Cyber-warfare.  We are currently using cutting edge applications regarding information security and utilizing information for intelligence valuable to corporate clients, law firms and litigants in judicial proceedings. The services we provide are for those individuals that have any digital media that could be used as evidence in any proceeding.  By using this licensed, insured and bonded company, you know your evidence will be acquired utilizing procedures that will protect the original media and analyzed using the most advanced means possible.
Computer Forensics & Cyber Investigations -  $200.00/hour minimum
Special Investigations provides the most complete and trustworthy investigative service anywhere. These services include computer forensics, due-diligence, surveillance, pre-employment or associate background checks, and GPS tracking. We are a full service investigations and consulting support firm that has been providing services in Texas, nationwide and internationally for over twenty years. Our professional staff of investigators and consultants set the standard for what you should expect from a firm.

​Our licensed investigators are experts who hold professional designations, such as a Certified computer examiner (CCE / CFE) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Surveillance, pre-employment background checks, associate background checks, computer research are all performed by either experienced personnel,  currently commissioned,  or retired police officers.   Many of our investigators are retired FBI agents and Texas DPS officers.

We have access to the most up to date surveillance equipment available and utilize restricted access data bases.

Our pre-employment and due diligence background checks are the most complete and comprehensive product available.  We use computer database and report searches, as well as, searches in all courts relevant to the subject, and interview relevant persons.  We do onsite investigations for verification of data obtained.  We are indeed methodical in our approach to detail and accuracy.
Partial list of services and charges provided:
Investigations - $90.00/hour
​Comprehensive computer generated report - $75.00
Driving record - $50.00
Court records research - $35.00/court
Copies of documents - reimburse actual costs
Travel - reimburse actual costs
We conduct surveillance, interview witnesses, provide backgrounds, and can retrieve important support documents from courts, government agencies, local and federal police departments.  We dig until all evidence is revealed and the truth is found.  We incorporate all our departments to provide for you the very best investigative product.  We will present to you a report that is clear, indexed and ready to be submitted as evidence. 
Investigations - $90.00/hour
See charges for Background Check for other additional services
Travel - reimburse actual costs

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